2014 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots. November 18-20th 2014. Madrid. Spain. YoutubeGoogle+FacebookTwitterEmail


Full day workshops
WS 01: Cognitive Humanoid Robotics Research
Starting: Morning
Coordinators: Tamim Asfour, Giorgio Metta, Cécile Huet, Franco Mastroddi (Germany, Italy, Luxembourg)
WS 02: Benchmarking bipedal locomotion
Starting: Morning
Coordinators: Diego Torricelli, Katja Mombaur, Alexander Schubert, Nikos Tsagarakis, Jose L. Pons (Spain, Germany, Italy)
WS 03: 9th Workshop on Humanoid Soccer Robots
Starting: Morning
Coordinators: Sven Behnke, Daniel D. Lee, Subramanian Ramamoorthy, Kalus Dorer (Germany, USA, UK)
WS 04: One day with a humanoid robot: a crash course on the iCub software tools
Starting: Morning
Coordinators: L. Natale, F.Nori, U. Pattacini, V. Tikhanoff, M. Randazzo, G. Metta (Italy)
WS 05: Redundancy, inequalities, and the mathematical tools to address them
Starting: Morning
Coordinators: Adrien Escande, Fabrizio Flacco, Ludovic Righetti (Japan, Italy, Germany)

Half day workshops
WS 06: The Mechatronic Design of Humanoid Robots: Current and Future Trends
Starting: Morning
Coordinators: Alberto Parmiggiani, Masayuki Inaba, Nikos Tsagarakis (Italy, Japan)
WS 07: Human Motion Modeling and Human Inspired Motor Control
Starting: Evening
Coordinators: Emel Demircan, Oussama Khatib, Philippe Fraisse, Mitsuhiro Hayashibe (Japan, USA, France)
WS 08: Policy Representations for Humanoid Robots
Starting: Morning
Coordinators: Neil T. Dantam, Gerhard Neumann, Heni Ben Amor (USA, Germany)
WS 09: Novel Trends in Multimodal Robotic Skins
Starting: Evening
Coordinators: Kolja Kuhnlenz, Barbara Kuhnlenz, Ravinder Dahiya, Gordon Cheng (Germany, UK)
WS 10: Anthropomorphic robotic hands: design and control
Starting: Morning
Coordinators: Gianluca Palli, Maximo A. Roa, Markus Grebenstein (Italy, Germany)
WS 11: Humanoid Robots and Creativity
Starting: Evening
Coordinators: Sascha S. Griffiths, Antonio Chella, Geraint Wiggins (UK, Italy)
WS 12: How to Make Best Use of a Human Supervisor for Semi-Autonomous Humanoid Operation
Starting: Morning
Jerry Pratt, Oskar von Stryk, Holly Yanco (USA, Germany)
WS 13: Software architectures and methodologies for developing humanoid robots
Starting: Evening
Coordinators: Luca Marchionni, Hiario Tome (Spain)
WS 14: Active Learning in Robotics: Exploration Strategies in Complex Environments
Starting: Morning
Coordinators: Johannes Kulick, Herke van Hoof, Marc Toussaint, Jan Peters (Germany)
WS 15: Cognition, perception and postural control for humanoids
Starting: Afternoon
Coordinators: Manuel Armada (Spain) & Santiago Martínez, Y. Zhao (Spain, USA)
WS 16: Humanoid robotics trends in ESA space programs
Starting: Evening
Coordinators: Guillermo Ortega, Javier Ventura-Traveset, Carlos Balaguer (Spain)
WS 17: The Future of Humanoid Robots in the Aerospace Industry
Starting: Morning
Coordinators: Fernando Esteban, Alberto Jardon Huete (Spain)